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Summit Namnang Courtyard & Spa


Being a 4 star facilities luxury hotel in Gangtok, Summit Namnang offers a stunning view of the Gangtok city and a luxuriate feeling of a holiday amidst the majestic mountains, providing an unforgettable experience to engage your senses.

Summit Namnang Courtyard & Spa offers amenities like Car parking, 24 hours service, a purpose-built unroofed area to experience the beauty of the hills, under the wide starry sky while a large outdoor fire is arranged in the courtyard to beat the cold winter nights in Gangtok.

Featuring all the hospitality and charm of Sikkim, Summit Namnang is the destination of choice for vacationers seeking the exceptional. The natural beauty thatsurrounds our Hotel is reflected in a country house atmosphere of warm elegance, complete with rich interiors, cozy rooms with plush beds and a luxurious Spa. The interaction and integration with the environment echoes in the Hotel, connecting you to the colours of Nature. Here, at Namnang, we celebrate the art of pure relaxation.

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Executive Room

The Executive Rooms are stylishly decorated, offering the perfect blend of nature’s colours. The room layout will certainly assure you a relaxing stay. With a view of the beautiful valley and the lit up Gangtok city at night from each of the well- appointed Executive rooms, you will feel heaven on Earth.

Family Room

The Family Room comprises of 2 en-suite bedrooms with Double beds for families looking for space for all to get together and enjoy the beauty of the magnificent setting in the hills. These rooms can accommodate 4 guests.